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Course Name: Beaver Creek Mini Disc Golf Course

Date Established: 1995
Location: Strasburg, PA 17579
Course Pro: Donnie Brooks
Contact Info: donnie@minidiscgolf.com // (717)687-7745
One of the first permanent mini disc golf courses in the Lancaster mecca, Beaver Creek Mini Disc Golf is located on the beautiful grounds of the Beaver Creek Farm Cabins. This course will challenge your entire game with elevation changes, long holes, and technical ones, as well. This course will also play host to the Inaugural Can-Am Challenge in the second half of 2009.

Types of Targets: S S MiDGiTS (Donnie Brooks Baskets)
Hole Lengths:
Less than 100 feet: 5
Between 100 and 175 feet: 9
Between 175 and 200 feet: 2
Longer than 200 feet: 2

Course Name: Hobson Park Mini Disc Golf Course

Date Established: May 2008
Owner: East Lampeter Township
Location: Hobson Road, East Lampeter Township, Lancaster, PA 17602
This is the first public, permanently installed 18-hole mini disc golf course in the country. Featuring the renowned Donnie Brooks' targets, this course is in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, so you can expect a great combination of wooded and open holes. And don't be surprised if you have to pass that Amish horse-and-buggy on your way there.

Hole Lengths:
Less than 100 feet: 15
Between 100 and 175 feet: 3
Between 175 and 200 feet: 0
Longer than 200 feet: 0

Course Name:Circle-R: A Mini Disc Golf Course

Date Established: August 2008
Location: Stilwell, KS 66085
Course Pro:
Dick Parker, dick.parker@hotmail.com or Phone: 913-206-7157

Hole Lengths:
Less than 100 feet: 14
Between 100 and 175 feet: 4
Between 175 and 200 feet: 0
Longer than 200 feet: 0

Course Name: Starry Stomp'n Grounds

Date Established: October, 2004
Owner: Dave Starry
Location: 1 Centre Drive, Conestoga, PA 17516
The Starry Stomp'n Grounds is where the action is every second Thursday of every month. Dave Starry installed his mini course at his home on 2 acres of partially wooded land in the town of Conestoga, 10 minutes south of downtown Lancaster. Lots of small tree stumps were made and each has a star cut into them from a chainsaw. Some stumps came out easily from the ground and are creatively displayed most places you look. Without 30 acres to spread 18 baskets on, 9 baskets with two tee pads each gives the same effect when well thought out. Mini golfers must use all their skills to score well here. Beautiful fairways have been carved in and out of the wooded landscape. Watching a mini fly down the "Valley of the Grate Depression" is a spectacular sight. It is truly a "grate" hole. Dave has done a super job designing holes up, down and across the sloped property. Elevation changes add excitement to the Starry Stump'n Grounds.

Course Name: Mushroom Manor Mini Disc Golf Course

Download Scorecard Here

Date Established: September, 1999
Owner: Linc Morgan
Location: 1742 Colonial Manor Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603
On the third Thursday Linc hosts another monthly event at the Mushroom Manor. Mushroom Manor is west of Lancaster just outside city limits. The course is permanently installed on a one-acre lot beside a "ball golf" Country Club. The Little Conestoga River comes into play at the lower end of the property. The house, the neighbors' mulch and all blacktop will get you an extra stroke. Needless to say, "Anything can happen at The Mushroom! Mushroom Manor has only 8 mini baskets and the Mushroom basket. Each hole has two tee pads for a total of 18 holes. The Mushroom basket is a Silver Maple Linc had Merrill Detweiller (our mentor) cut down when Linc bought the property in 1999. Merrill, a mini player for almost 20 years, helped carve a mini golf target from the 4ft.tall stump. When it was finished the basket resembled a huge mushroom, giving the course its' name, now the course is filled with mushroom knickknacks. Our monthly mini events always start at 6pm and during standard time we play in the dark. No problem, we play with our glow minis and small black lights to illuminate our discs. To enhance the fun at night the baskets at Mushroom Manor have low voltage lights mounted to the top of the baskets. Guess what? They look like mushrooms.